Outdoor remodeling services in Montrose, CO


When you’re planning to flip a house, it’s important to keep the potential buyer in mind. Would the home’s new owners enjoy a comfortable patio, a deck, an outdoor kitchen for grilling or a cozy backyard fireplace? Our owner, Timothy Jones, can create outdoor amenities for your home that will rival the functionality and elegance of its interior.
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Before you dive head first into the house flipping game, check out these quick tips to make your experience a productive one:
  1. Calculate how much the house and renovation will cost you. Determine how much risk you are comfortable taking on. Estimate the cost of a short-term loan, taxes, utilities and maintenance on the house for up to a year. Check the market for comparable listings to estimate the property’s sale price. Once all that is sorted, look for a house that’s within your budget.
  2. Research the market where the house is located. Keep in mind that houses in different neighborhoods appeal to different types of families. Look up recent sales in the area and determine the average number of days similar properties stay on market, so you can get a handle on how many days you may have to hold the property before reselling it.
Patio with Sunset View — Outdoor Renovations in Montrose, CO
  1. Renovation work often depends on the buyer’s needs, so knowing what kind of family is likely to buy the home will help you make such decisions. Young homeowners with growing families may enjoy a wide-open kitchen while a retired couple might prefer a backyard patio. Remodels can be easier to handle if the needs of a specific type of buyer are considered.
  2. Share your renovations and other repair work with the buyer. Buyers will appreciate knowing that structural problems have been repaired and that systems and fixtures have been replaced with new ones.
  3. Don’t let your extensive improvement work lead you to overprice the home. Getting a home ready to flip can be a lengthy process, but buyers are comparing the house to others in the market with similar features.
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